A Drink To Make Time Stand Still

It took only four seconds to capture this sequence that will eventually be shown in reverse for a 30 second journey across the table as cocktail ingredients steadily roll and rise back to where they came. This meant filming a perfectly synchronized pouring of ingredients, at an incredibly high frame rate, in a very short amount of time. Not many shoots call for a Phantom Flex camera, so we were definitely excited to get our hands on one. The Phantom Flex essentially makes time stand still and was perfect for achieving our desired effect. Once we rigged our Dana Dolly upside down and over the table with some gaffer magic, the table was set and our synchronization efforts began.

As the camera repeatedly flew backwards on the dolly, we soon realized that the timing of the ingredient drop would take some very special care. Each ingredient had to drop immediately after its predecessor as the camera passed, which meant six people had just a few seconds to operate in perfect harmony. With each take getting us closer and closer to our chronological goal, barring some complete misses from yours truly, we finally nailed it! Huddled around a field monitor with our breaths held, we were beyond relieved to see every ingredient rise in order as the camera glided across the table. Once the lemon peel made its final dissent, cheers filled the room and we knew that we finally got what we worked all evening for.

At BFM, we understand that creativity is paramount to setting both ourselves and our clients apart from the competition. Whether we’re exploring new concepts or techniques, our objective is to create unique content that, most importantly, delivers our client’s message. Of course we employed these same principles when creating our latest spot for Judgment Tree Vodka, a distillery born in Defiance, Missouri. Check out the behind the scenes clip and our finished spot and now that you’ve seen how it was made, see how it tastes! Visit the new Judgment Tree tasting bar at the Sugar Creek Winery where their handcrafted spirits are distilled.

Charles Thomas

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