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Judgment Tree

Branding & Packaging

Judgment Tree

Brandy Labels

As if the history of making spirits wasn’t already filled with defiance and rebellion… Along came Judgment Tree – a brand of spirits developed by two friends who live and work in the town of Defiance, Missouri. The town itself is rich with American history, as it is the place where Daniel Boone resided. Just down the street from the distillery sits a piece of land called Judgment Tree, where Daniel Boone held court. Since the distillery overlooks this land with so many stories intertwined in the town that runs along the Missouri River, our client had decided on the name of their spirits – Judgment Tree. We found ourselves equally inspired by their passion and the willful spirit of their brand, so we created a hand-drawn tree stamp for Judgment Tree that can easily be seen and marked on a rugged, weathered wood, separating their brand’s identity from the rest. For the packaging of their brandy, we pulled in a color palette that is rich in greens which is accompanied with a nighttime scene of a river shipment of barreled alcohol. The label design helps demonstrate the rich, smoky flavors found in Judgment Tree’s handmade brandy and celebrates the journey of alcohol, the land where the brandy is made, and the defiant nature celebrated with this brand.

Mastercraft Promotion

Vector Motion Summer Mastercraft / Counter Card giveaway


Vector Motion Animation / Counter Card Giveaway

Great design and digital motion are the perfect ingredients for a successful campaign - add in a printed component, you can’t go wrong! This campaign entails an explosion of visually-appealing motion design that uses a combination of vector art and footage masterfully working together to make a fun and entertaining scroll-stopping digital ad. The fun continues with a printed point of sale countersign with a giveaway that looks like a getaway, drawing consumers in for brand interaction and ultimately promoting the product further.

Custom Programming

Web Design & Development

Custom Programming

Dealer resource and data analysis experience

It’s more than a redesign – it’s a new development. Our client came to us with their existing site, which had not functioned completely the way they wanted it to. The new and improved Smart Program website gives them the edge that they were looking for, with an upgrade to the services that they provide their clients. A site where dealers can now download up-to-date assets for point of sale and digital advertising, as well as an integration to their own POS system to offer accurate data for each of their dealer’s transactions and points. Inspired by the brand itself, which is the official racing tire and sponsor for Formula Drift, we programmed a visual speedometer upon logging in. Navigation easily scrolls through with sophisticated motion and functionality while ultimately delivering for the client and their customers with a look and performance that is as impressive as the brand it was developed for.

Viking Campaign

Video Advertising

The Viking

St. Louis Video Production

What’s better than having an imaginary best friend dressed as a Viking that always has your back? This was our concept for this fun spot we did for a Mastercraft Tire exclusive rebate. As a video production and creative agency in St. Louis, we love any opportunity to go over the top with a fun concept and create an entire campaign from the ground up. Any time we get to add a comedic spin to a promotion, we know it will perform well – comedy sells! This unusual duo of a mom and her imaginary Viking friend helped make this advertisement stand out in a crowd of competing ads. Our final cuts were created in both standard and vertical formats to ensure that the comedic spot and sales promotion could be seen on every platform. This ad delivered, with not only excellent click-through rates, which resulted in outstanding conversions and sales, but also brand engagement that had the audience participating in the fun.

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