Stay in Touch

Stay In Touch With Your Target Market

Direct Mail is an ideal way to stay in touch with customers.  Whether your company is giving seminars, promoting new products, or running specials, you can deliver your message into the hands of exactly who you want to receive it!

Our client, the Maschhoffs, holds annual meetings with their customers and turned to BFM for ways to ensure these events are successful.  To do so, BFM created the award-winning invitation below, highlighting their meeting schedule, fun activities, and pictures to entice maximum attendance.




Direct Mail is an outstanding marketing tool with staying power for your company to  gain new clientele or mail to existing clients.  There are countless benefits!  With variable printing and demographic lists, you can send out tangible pieces of communication directly where and to whom you determine.  Whether if you choose your direct mail piece to land on someone’s coffee table at home or desk at the office, your brand will stand out!


Direct Mail Done Right: 

Follow these steps for a successful Direct Mail campaign


  1. Create a distribution map to include the most advantageous mailing routes by choosing your target demographics.
  2. Add variable information to gain even more attention through personalization.
  3. Design a piece that best represents your brand.
  4. Include an incentive to buy or a call to action on your Direct Mail piece.
  5. For maximum results, add a second mail drop and/or combine your direct mail with e-marketing.
  6. Choose BFM for the design and distribution of your Direct Mail!

BFM manages thousands of direct mail campaigns, distributing millions of pieces each year.  We make it easy for our clients to stay in touch with their target market all year long.  Let our experienced team know if you would like to add Direct Mail to your marketing plan!