The Modern-Day Meet & Greet

Imagine yourself packed into an elevator with ten people. Then imagine fifteen people. And now twenty. Fifty. How about a hundred? Now, step off that crowded elevator. Do you remember anyone? Most likely there’s one person who caught your attention, possibly two, and they probably had a few things in common: good eye contact, a nice smile, bright clothing, an interesting mustache or a cool tattoo…you get the idea. Something made them stand out and “introduce themselves” even if they didn’t speak to you directly.

That’s how it is today; we don’t spend a lot of time introducing ourselves as we move through the world, but we can still make an impression…a lasting one. Whether for leisure or work, everyone is going somewhere, moving forward from one place to another, day after day, moment after moment. Oftentimes, they start their journeys (even the most routine ones) by looking online. If you have a web-page of any kind, you are in the right place, but you’re with multiple other people offering similar ideas, services, and products. The internet is a gigantic elevator, and it’s surprisingly crowded.

How do you stand out? How do you become the memorable one in a giant box of options? Simple. You make a memorable statement. Your brand is your calling card. In an elevator or online, it’s all about the visuals. It’s the thing that says “This Is Me” in the time it takes to go between floors or scan a web-page. That can be under 30 seconds.

If you don’t have one, a still/landing page is a great way to start. A good web page lets people know you’re professional and it provides essential information. But a 30-Second Video has more impact than a still page. A video/animation allows you to introduce yourself in a non-threatening manner. Videos are more intentional than still pages. They sell more than information. Videos sell YOU. Well thought out and executed videos show people who you are immediately, and viewers will remember you long after as they plug your number and address into their phones.

Deb Garwood

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