St. Louis Family Business Award

the three owners of BFM

We were excited and honored to receive St. Louis Small Business Magazines Family Business Award.

Here is what the article touched on and how our company has evolved over the years!

Generation of ownership:

Second Generation

Year Founded:

BFM Group Inc began operation on St. Patrick’s Day 1980 and was founded by Ron and Cathy Henschen.

What was the focus of the business when it was founded, and how has that changed over the years?

When we first started BFM the focus was primarily on providing business forms to our customers. Over the years we have developed programs like digital, video advertising and direct mail campaigns. We are a creative, print and marketing agency today.

What traditions have you upheld within your family business?

Traditions we have upheld are that our employees will and have always been part of our BFM family. We love to see their successes and growth over the years and appreciate them tremendously. BFM has a team-based culture where our employees participate in all levels.

What have been your family’s keys to success in business?

Listening to our customer’s needs is the key to our success. Our customers are everything to us and by partnering with them we make improvements; we make each other stronger and more successful each day.

BFM Group Inc.

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